Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Under Construction

Thats what it soon shall say on my site. I want to narrow down my selections on my website. I think it will be easier for prospective customers to navigate. I will still offer my you pick it we make it policy, by request. I will cut down the selections to pies, tarts, pillar, votives, and containers that I have in supply.
If a specialty order comes in I will honor it. Any party favors I will still do. Party favor and gift help will still remain. I am looking forward to reorganizing the site & hoping it brings greater success!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Will be needing Flyers

I want to send flyers out to local real estate agents & brokers to promote my candles for their open house. I think they would be great for them. Making the house smell wonderful when they hold open houses will make a sale more inticing.
If anyone makes flyers at a good price please let me know.
If there are any other jobs out there that would benefit from my candles, please let know.
Question of the week: What is your best way to market?