Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Train Kept On Rollin'

Keep moving forward. Thats a great motto to follow. I try to follow it. Its hard at times.
Well, my first contest, Signature Scents, is officially over. Now I have the task of picking out a winner from the entries I have recieved. Should be fun picking out a new scent for the company. I finally decided on the next contest, The Ugly Candle Contest. Basically, if you have an ugly candle you have to submit a pic of it and if you have the ugliest candle then you will win a beautiful one from Artistic Candles by Marie.
I started a list of stores I want to see if I can get a consignment agreement with. Right now I have a list of over 50 stores. I think I will stake them out first to see which stores are most suited for my candles. I also have to make an agreement.
Well, on a personal note, I am going through some health problems. My thyroid levels have plummeted. I am now on meds for it. It leaves me so tired. I work out at the gym & work my butt off but I dont see results. Well, now I know why! I hate genetics!!
Question of the week: WHat is the motto you live by?
Here is my Meez, lol. Cant wait for the new movie!!!!!

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