Thursday, May 24, 2007

So Honored!

I was nominated for the Biltimore's Who Who Among Women Executive's and Busniness Owners for my area! I am so shocked and honored! I was in this when I graduated high school with honors.
Wish me luck that I get accepted. It will give me good exposure!
Otherwise I am busy making my supplies to go out to the stores for consignments. I made a draft consignment agreement too. Getting there slowly but surely. I hope everything will be well recieved!
Question of the week: Have you ever recieved a nomination in something such as Who's Who? If so, explain!
I also just wanted to share the latest family pic taken on Mother's Day

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have been looking high & low for new places on the internet to network on. I want to have as much exposure as possible. I have also been forming my own groups where ever I can. Its basicall an extension of my site where I promote sales & contets we r having as well as conversation about candles in general. If you r on a social network, look for my group, I Love Candles, and join! If you are on a social network & cant find my group, let me know. Maybe your on a network I can join!!
Question of the week: Whats your favorite social network on the internet?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lets Start To Think About Dad

I know, I know, Mother's Day isnt even here yet and Im already talking about Father's Day! But you know what, it will be here before you know it! If your anything like me and most people I know, it can be had finding a gift for the dad's in our life sometimes. Well, I think you should get candles for him! Do you think thats too girly? Well I think not! I have some nice masculine scents that any man would like.
Here are some examples: Curve for Men, Eternity for Men, Happy for Men, Hugo Boss, Pleasures for Men, Tommy, Very Sexy Him, Drakkar, Beer, Barbershop 1920's, Dark Knights, Fireside, Leather, New Car, & Pipe Tobacco.
Visit my site & submitt an order for a price quote if you would like this unique gift for him.
Question of the week: What is your ideal Masculine scent?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Train Kept On Rollin'

Keep moving forward. Thats a great motto to follow. I try to follow it. Its hard at times.
Well, my first contest, Signature Scents, is officially over. Now I have the task of picking out a winner from the entries I have recieved. Should be fun picking out a new scent for the company. I finally decided on the next contest, The Ugly Candle Contest. Basically, if you have an ugly candle you have to submit a pic of it and if you have the ugliest candle then you will win a beautiful one from Artistic Candles by Marie.
I started a list of stores I want to see if I can get a consignment agreement with. Right now I have a list of over 50 stores. I think I will stake them out first to see which stores are most suited for my candles. I also have to make an agreement.
Well, on a personal note, I am going through some health problems. My thyroid levels have plummeted. I am now on meds for it. It leaves me so tired. I work out at the gym & work my butt off but I dont see results. Well, now I know why! I hate genetics!!
Question of the week: WHat is the motto you live by?
Here is my Meez, lol. Cant wait for the new movie!!!!!