Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When you think you did good...

it all comes apart. I recieved an order from someone. I will keep the person nameless. I made their order, EXACTLY as they ordered it. They purchased the package w/ a free item. I also added a free-bie in the package. I also paid for half the shipping. I emailed the person to make sure all was ok & that the package arrived ok. It was there & fine, but the customer complained about the part that they got for free?! Everything that they paid for was there, everything was made how they wanted. The presentation was very pretty. Even the free item was intact, and forfilled its purpose.
I dont understand why someone would complain about the thing thats free? It doesnt make sense to me. I do whatever I can for my customers and I felt I did alot for this one. I mean I even forked out my own money to help pay for delivery. I checked up on the person, not many people do that. But I still get a complaint, or a remark about it. IDK, maybe Im expecting too much from people. I know just because I think something is great doesnt mean it is to someone else. But I could really SOOOO understand if there was an issue with the part that they paid for, or if the free item was broken, but it all was fine.
Im at a loss. I hope my next few orders go good & I feel better again.
Ok, question of the week:
What do you do when a customer complains after you have done everything in your power to make a good sale?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Territory

I want to enter into new territory. I wtill want to sell to the local mom & pop type stores around here. I really want to promote those wood wick candles. They r not really around here yet & I want to get a leg up on it. I will offer other things if they want them as well. If anyone knows anything about consignment, please let me know.

I sent out mompacks last week. Mompacks r business cards, coupons, any promotional material that you send to other mompackers & they will give the packs out to their customers or at events. I hope to get a good response from them. We shall see. I sent out some business card packs and some bulkier packs with coupons & stuff in them. Im excited to see what happens.
Ok, Im starting a question of the week! Post your answers!
This weeks question:
We need a new contest topic. The contest going on right now is signature scent. You make up your own scent & if we like it we will use it on our list & you will get a 2 ounce votive in your scent. (log onto http://www.freewebs.com/artisticcandlesbymarie/ and go under the contest page if you want to enter).
What should the next contest be? Something candle related. Let me know!!!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last week at a glance

This week has been interesting for Artistic Candles by Marie. We are working on Mother's Day Gift Baskets. We have a great deal! Buy a candle package and get the basket for free! We actually only have 1 basket left for purchase, so if any of you want one, better order it now! Hope onto http://www.freewebs.com/artisticcandlesbymarie/ & go under Mother's Day Baskets to order!
I also decided to donate a basket for the gala at my old job. I will do all wood wick candles for this basket in different scents. SO Im excited about that as well!
So, I am looking to sell candles at some small stores local to me. Does anyone know how I go about that? Do I just go in the store & ask? I will give them a sample to try & see if they r interested. If anyone has experience w/ this please let me know! It will be much appreciated!
Hope all my loyal readers r doing well!!
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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well our vacation was great! The kids (and me) loved Disney. We did all the parks & did as much as we could.
Of course I kept my eyes open for new ideas for my candles. I am so happy I did cause in my travels I discovered wood wicks for candles! They r too cool! They burn the candle like normal but they make crackling counds as they burn. So, I found a distributor of the wood wicks & I adding them to my store! Check them out at my site.
I hope this will be a big seller. I think they r too cool! I guess this vacatiob had added benefits!

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